mitra diashow 146


Our designs are not made for Western Europe but for areas were infrastructure is still less developed. We have engineered products, this means that first a design is made and then in a production environment a product is actually being made. Result is a defined product where we lay down the products in it’s various elements. It gives us a possibility to deliver spare parts, also years after a product has been delivered. We try to use  elements and or modules which come back in various models, this simplyfies maintenance for the user and helps us reducing manufacturing costs. Furthermore it enables us to more and more use robot operated welding stations which in their turn help us improving quality. First we make large subassemblies, which then are shotblasted primed and painted in a color. Subsequently an endassembly without welding or drilling will take place with items as brake- and lightsystems and also various other elements in order to complete the vehicle.